Stain Detective-Carpet,Upholstery,Leather And Hard Floor Cleaning Northampton

Stain Detective- Carpet,Upholstery, Leather And Hard Floor Cleaning Is Based At;                  


At No:6 Athelstan Road,



NN16 0NB

Media House , Northampton 

Telephone:078 1561 1253 


TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW Carpet,Upholstery,Leather And Hard Floor Cleaning services provided in;Kettering,Corby,Wellingborough,Rushden,Market Harborough,Leicester,Northampton,Daventry,Towcester,Rugby,Long Buckby,Milton Keynes,Bedford *and many more.

Terms And Conditions: We will normally give an estimate before a job is provisionally accepted, we Will confirm an exact price Before starting any works .

We advise all customers to ensure areas have heating on where we are cleaning (before we arrive)for drying purposes especially during the winter months ,once areas are dry then open windows etc to ventilate .We take NO responsibility for drying any thing we clean as our machines are industrial and only leave areas damp , in the right conditions ,areas will dry quickly.Failure to not follow these instructions may cause damage or odours problems which again we do not take responsibility for.

We are very friendly but we are  NOT A REMOVAL COMPANY, we are cleaners ,it is the customer s responsibility to move items , and to put them somewhere sensible ,if we ever decide to assist ,this is a good will gesture and we Do NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSABILTY FOR ANY DAMAGE .We also advise customers that they may wish to place plastic under wooden legs or metal ,iron etc (where items have not been removed from area we are cleaning)to prevent any possible staining.

There will always be RISKS such as trip hazards , wet floors etc , we always ensure customers or public are made aware , if their are any other risks that the customer is aware of ,we need to be made aware in written form.

Our testimonials on our web page,Facebook page ,Linked in etc speak for themselves ,We never pretend to clean and restore 100percent like new but we will work to the best of our ability using only well sourced products and equipment,many of our customers to  say areas we have cleaned are like new after we are finished,we do not leave the area we are working untill our customer or their chosen representative has looked at our work and is happy for us to leave ,in the very un likely event a complaint arises it must be logged  within 24 hrs of work being  carried out ,preferably by email,text message  or phone call ,we will Not consider the complaint after this time, hence why we encourage our works to be inspected and checked before leaving.

If we receive a complaint within 24hrs we will guarantee to respond within 5 working days , but aim to resolve the issue ASAP.

SUBCONTRACTING :If we are Sub contracting for another company ,you (the other) are our customer ,(your customers are your own )and as long as we have carried out our agreed works,in the same manner as outlined in our T and C's above  (,unless otherwise agreed) our T and C s apply to you in  the very same way.

Payment terms are upon job completed unless otherwise agreed.

We often take before and after pictures for demonstration purposes and sometimes use for marketing purposes but never disclose any personal information and if requested we would never use .

CANCELLATION & CANCELLATION FEES:In the event of a cancellation where we have been given less than 48hrs notice we reserve the right to charge 50% of the invoice value to cover any loss of earnings.

COMMERCIAL DEPOSITS:With most commercial jobs we will ask for 50% upfront unless otherwise agreed. 

CREDIT ACCOUNTS:We do Not give credit to first time customers.

Banking details available upon request .

(Last updated December 2016)