Midlands ,schools and nurseries… Do you need cleaning works carried out ,promoting a healthier environment ,look no further !We don't just clean ,we Sanitise & Deodorise as part of our process ,For 16 years we have been leading the way in Northamptonshire and beyond.

Stain Detectives Award winning Cleaning specialists have  experience of working in different sectors for a range of businesses including hotels, retailers, schools ,manufacturers,Breweries ,Insurance companies Our cleaning equipment is perfectly suited for commercial cleaning, making it so that we can clean large areas effectively and quickly.

Health and safety is of paramount importance in the cleaning industry. Professional cleaning solutions are tested for their effects on the environment and occupants of areas in which they will be used. It is highly recommended that children and pets stay off of a damp carpet until it’s completely dry. Although our cleaning process and the chemicals involved will cause no harm, staying off the carpets will help prevent slip and hall hazards as well as tracking in fresh soil.If however carpets need to be walked immediately we can come up with a solution ,we also provide free over shoes ! .

Stain Detectives professional carpet cleaners can achieve a deep, wet clean, with the benefit of 30 minutes drying time!,We can also provide Dry Cleaning &Steam Cleaning

Fortunately, it isn’t only carpets that we clean! If you need hard flooring, sports halls, curtains or any upholstered furniture cleaning, we can do that also.

Our working hours are flexible, and we Tailor make packages to suit your needs and requirements so  why not give us a call to book yours now on