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Here are some reasons which are worth reading  for you to having your carpets cleaned by "Stain Detective",Northamptonshire's Best Cleaning Service Provider

  • Over-the-counter carpet 'shampoos' and carpet 'cleaners' do not work very effectively. It it has been proven that overtime, many of the So-called carpet shampoos at best, may not work very well. In worse case scenarios, they may amplify problems.We however take the time to source the correct products and also test to make sure that the PH levels are correct when your carpets/Furnishings have been cleaned ensuring that they will not soil easily again.
  • Rented carpet steamers are often poorly maintained, or simply do not have the necessary cleaning power. Steam cleaning is by far the most effective way to clean and deodorize carpets. It can even take care of pet odor removal. If you decide to take the do-it-yourself route and rent or buy a steam cleaning machine, consider yourself warned: consumer grade equipment is often lacking in terms of heating temperature, extraction capabilities and ease of use. The most important drawback is, of course, the ability to accurately control the amount of water deposited - or taken out of - the carpet. Over-wetting a carpet or leaving it damp can promote the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria.Our equipment is specially designed to get Maximum results,All equipment is well  maintained,well sourced and is of the highest quality.
  • Every step you take deposits and rubs in residue from the bottom of your shoe onto your carpets surface. Skin flakes and hair fall from your body and settle on the carpets. Even the most well-trained pets in the home leave their own mark as they shed dander, or skin flakes, wherever they go. Some of this residue - dirt, dust, grease, etc. - may be picked up in regular vacuuming. The rest, however, is ground deep into the carpet until it settles way down at its base. Overtime, these sometimes invisible particles build-up and began extracting their toll on your interiors. From carpet discoloration and degradation to unpleasant odors, your carpet suffers when dirt is ignored even when it is not always noticeable.There are many health benefits from professional cleaning including Asthma suffers to name but a few.
  • Your carpet has a life of its own, literally. Regardless of how fastidious you are about cleaning your home and caring for your carpets, dust mites manage to find their way in. These microscopic creatures are famous for causing a multitude of respiratory related reactions such as allergy related asthma attacks. Mites thrive in dusty, dark environments, just like the environment at the base of your carpet. The most drastic means of dealing with mites in carpeting is to remove the carpeting, but if you do not want to go that far, professional steam cleaning will help resolve the problem.
  • Specialty carpets require special treatment. An attempt at saving a few pennies can cost a lot more when you are dealing with certain fibers or carpet materials. Only professional attention will do when it comes to oriental carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning.
  • Carpet stains are another of those specific instances when amateur attempts that go wrong can compound what might have been a minor problem. Stains can be avoided by promptly treating spills and other accidents, but once they have occurred, be careful using harsh detergents and readily available products. You may not only be introducing toxic materials into your home, you may use a product not intended for your specific carpet and actually make the problem worse.Stain Detective has the correct Stain Removal Products to carry out Stain Removal safely and will get the best possible results.
  • We are very competitive when it comes to our prices,and truly offer a very fair price but DO NOT compromise on Quality.See our Testimonials page from REAL people in and around Northampton and County who are extremely happy that they choose us for their Cleaning requirements many are that happy they have signed up for our cleaning maintenance packages saving them even more money.


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