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                                                                         DID YOU KNOW.....

Almost every home in the UK has unwanted lodgers - the common dust mite. You can't see them because they are microscopic, but left long enough, you will definitely start to notice their presence. And lots of people are allergic to them, with 20% of the population suffering from the little buggers!

The mites are often to blame for causing conditions like asthma and eczema, because their droppings cause an allergic reaction in some people.They are found  primarily in our homes where dead skin cells are plentiful.

A double bed mattress can easily harbour 2-10 million dust mites,with each producing 40 -100 faeces pellets per day.A dust mite molts several times during it's life,producing 200 times it's own weight in waste and will lay 300 eggs,which will not be visible to the naked eye.There are however ways to reduce the amount of mites in your home.

Stain Detective uses specialist equipment  that varies in suction and water temperature combined with the right cleaning and sanitising solution to combat the dust mite .The results are a healthier and safer home,and means you no longer have to share your bed with these guys!!  

Get in touch today,for your FREE NO OBLIGATION quote for a healthier mattress (Domestic and Commercial).  

If you have wall to wall carpeting,it is even more important to keep them clean in order to prevent a flea infestation."Your pets will thank you!"


* Urine in carpet never really dries out.It seeps into the backing and stays wet for a very long time.When it gets humid urine will pull the moisture from the air reactivating the odour.That's why urine can smell years later.

* A small visible patch of urine may actually be twice the size under the surface. 

* Our spot and odour removal program breaks down the chemical make-up of urine leaving nothing but carbon dioxide and water.

*  Proteins in urine work like glue bonding the yellow pigment to carpet fibres.

* Of course,as with any stain timing is critical.The longer a spot is on your carpet,the higher the risk of colour loss or permanent discolouration.

* If your pets have urinated in your home ,you can be sure your visitors can smell it even if you cant!